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When we say "full-service," we mean it.



Full-Service Digital Marketing & Business Solutions

Artistic-Zeal is the one-stop shop for digital business solutions, and our passion is to help entrepreneurs and businesses succeed. We work with all business types, from start-ups to established businesses. Whoever you are and whatever you do, we’re here to help you succeed.

When we say “full-service,” we really mean it—we do everything from search engine optimization (SEO) and web design to branding and advertising, and even vision board workshops and PayJunction credit card processing.


Our approach considers your short and long-term goals, resulting in high-impact strategies to help your business grow. We’ve been doing this for years now because we love what we do. We have continuously evolved, adding service and solutions, not just for solving business challenges, but also for driving business growth.​​​​​​​

We are a nimble team that understands that the road to success is a rocky one. We know the challenges business-minded individuals face and seek to provide solutions to their everyday needs. Our timesaving solutions contribute to a business’s success, as we delve deep into analytics and trends, capitalizing on what’s working and eliminating what’s not.

There are hundreds of business solutions providers out there, but we’re different because we offer it all, and we let our results speak for themselves.

Imagine yourself having the time to do what you do best—running a business. You can focus on this, while we take care of the nitty-gritty matters. Talk to Artistic-Zeal, today. With us by your side, you’ll find that running a business has never been easier.



SEO Services


SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of affecting your website's online visibility in a web search engine's unpaid results, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the process of strategically monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and providing guidance over a company's social media. This can include Social Media Advertising as well, depending on the package chosen.

Content Writing Services

Content Writing

Content writing is a form of online writing based around a particular topic and is generally formatted to drive sales to a particular niche group. This can include the content written on websites (including sales-funnels), copywrite, e-books, blogs, and more.

PPC Advertising Services

PPC Advertising

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising is used when a particular advertiser pays a site, usually Google, to have them list ads for your site on their page. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay the current Cost-Per-Click (CPC) from your budget. These campaigns can be strategically planned in order to attempt to get the best Return on Investment (ROI).

Web Design Services

Web Design

Web Design is the process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a website or web page. This includes layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and interactive features based around the needs of the client. Well planned design incorporates a client's needs with design that is intended to keep prospects on your site and purchase your product/service.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design

Graphic Design (aka communication design) is the art or communicating a client's needs campaign, branded piece or ideas through intentional design via visual and textual content. Your project could include implementation through images, word art, or graphics, as well as a combination of one or more of these.

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Artistic-Zeal’s mission is to move individuals and businesses forward. We use our creativity and experience to make sure you achieve your goals, and there’s nothing we love more than hearing that what we did made a big difference to your business. Make us your partner.​​​​​​​

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